Kevin Path

Currently developing financial analytics engine @ The Vanguard Group


The Vanguard Group

+ Developing a financial data analytics engine that calculates corporate assets and cashflow

+ Developed a RESTful API that abstracted page content for the application code allowing developers to work quickly and efficiently.

Booz Allen Hamilton

+ Developed a data analytics engine that provide meaningful insights and visualizations for users surroundings.

Septa: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

+ Built a content management system(CMS) that allowed HR to track the reimbursement distribution and classes filed by SEPTA employees.

Calorie Burner: Windows Phone App

+ A health & fitness application that measured the total amount of calories burned by the user based on a variety of parameters.

Side Projects:

Personal Finance System

+ One of my personal goals this year is to get a better hold on my personal finance. In order to make it a little fun I decided to work on my own personal finance system to help automate the process a little bit but still requires a little bit of manual review process since I want to be more mindful about the subject. Code will be uploaded to github soon


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